Meet the New World

O.K, so I am going to be honest… There is more than a slight probability that over the course of my time on this planet I’ve been living it all wrong.

The kind of wrong that is ‘O.K. that seems like the safest option, let’s do that and not even consider the alternative.’ The kind of wrong which prevents you from experiencing true pleasure in life and get the experiences which you should have.

The reason why I have been living it all wrong is that I have been suffering from anxiety and a fear that people have motives to hurt me. Now I’m not going to pin all the blame on the anxiety condition which I have, I know personally I have not been strong enough to overcome this and have let it cripple aspects of my social life.

I mean, lets have a look at the list below of things which I have never, honestly, done…

  • Travelled to a foreign country on my own
  • Made a YouTube video
  • Sang Karaoke
  • Had a road trip
  • Got drunk on a work night and have a hangover in work the next day
  • Had a meaningful relationship with a partner
  • Waited outside a concert to meet a celebrity
  • Been to a convention dressed in character

I mean, lets face it, this list could go on for hours and pages.

So now, the goal is start pushing myself to do bigger things and live the life I have been afraid to live.

This blog is going to chronicle my adventures, my thoughts and musings and anything else that can be deemed blog-worthy.

So without further waiting lets try get accustomed to this world and live life right.

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