Paul Meets Pokemon Go


O.K. so over the last week I have been playing the wonderful game ‘Pokemon Go’, I’ve had the game since it was released in the U.K but I’ve never really taken the time to get accustomed to it properly and learn the ropes properly… So lets have a look into what we caught when Paul Meets Pokemon Go…

To let everyone know I used to do a lot of hiking in the past, being in close proximity to the Yorkshire Dales it was far too easy to get lost in the countryside, so long walks hunting for Pokemon shouldn’t be too difficult?

So over a 5 mile walk on Sunday I encountered the following;

  • 15 Rattata
  • 25 Drowzee
  • an uncontrollable amount of Zubat’s
  • Lots of bug Pokemon – just like the early stages of the game in Viridian Forest
  • And lastly the occasionally good Poke-Stop
So many Pokeball’s for Drowzee’s and Zubat’s

Clearly the morning walk wasn’t going to yield any results for rare Pokemon anytime soon, so with a casual skip in the walk, I returned home to charge up my dying phone. Seriously though, how much battery does this game consume? 2 hours can drain half of your battery. Anyway with the casual skip, my joyous mood on Sunday Morning must have had an effect because on the way home a new Pokemon I was yet to encounter popped out…

Vulpix #37

Anyway so we caught the cute Vulpix and returned home with a new Pokedex entry to regroup for an evening excursion… And that was completely different. Lets have a look at two of the rare Pokemon I managed to acquire.

Bulbasaur #1
Gengar #94

Now that is what I call a success, by the end of Sunday I had all 3 starter Pokemon for the Kanto region and a God Damn Gengar… admittedly it’s CP wasn’t the greatest but catch a few Gastly and I can soon fix that.

It’s really surprising how much good this little app can do for you when it comes to getting out of the house and being active, especially since when you finish work you can feel so deflated you don’t want to move from the adoptive sloth position.Now I find myself saying, ‘let’s get up and go have a short walk to hunt for a few Pokemon’. It’s great fun. I mean really great fun.

Anyway that’s it for this short ‘Paul Meets World’ post – I am hoping to do a Youtube video for Pokemon Go in the next week so I will keep you all updated on that and we shall see what happens in the next ‘Paul Meets World’ post.

See Ya\!

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